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To keep up with trends and serve different needs, Gaoteng Garment offer more than 100 new styles for every season on our website for your reference. Along with our 29 years of experience, we can readily realize your brand’s vision with a variety of clothing patterns and logo designs.


Fabric Research

Applying our years of working with different brands and the Guangzhou fabrics market, we can recommend the most reliable fabrics for your garments. We give fabrics that can reflect your desired patterns and are used on a variety of applications to appeal to different customer groups.

Need your clothing to remain pristine and in good shape for the long term? Our team provides effective solutions to ensure the functionality of your clothing. We show you how fabric pattern determine the quality of your garment and meet your ends. To help you in the selection of fabrics, we provide photos and videos of how we process our fabrics. Through our research and consultation, we ensure you are informed of their various colors, styles, and suitability in different applications Located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China, we have convenient access to a market of specialized fabrics and accessories for consistent supply. As such, we have access to the latest fabrics that can be customized to fit your brand.

In our commitment to bringing quality clothing, we find the right fabric mills to deliver premium materials. The stretch and thickness of fabrics are inspected and we make sure the samples we provide you can replicate your desired features.

Production Process

In order to completing all tasks arranged in a quick and perfect way, managing your time, you and us need knowing the production status, and discussing the process in line.

Fabric Prepare(10~15 Days) ----- Print or Dye(5~7 Days) ----- Order Tech Pack(1~2 Days) ----- Tailor(3~5 Days) ----- Print Label & Embroidery(3~7 Days) ----- Sewing(3~14 Days) ----- Trimming(3~5 Days) ----- Ironing(3~5 Days) ----- QC(1~2 Days) ------ Packing(3~5 Days) ----- Needle Inspection(1~2 Days) ----- Cartoning(1~2 Days) ----- Shipping(total 35~40 Days)

Pattern Making Printing The Pattern Sewing
Ironing Quality Inspection Shipping


Order Process

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